I want to go and buy a new Philips Radio now!

I want to go and buy a new Philips Radio now!

I want to go and buy a new Philips Radio, that's the feeling this color explosion of a vintage advertising poster gives me. Check in shop www.posterify.eu under vintage posters.

Here are some fun facts about radio:

- The first true radio transmission of voice was made by Guglielmo Marconi in 1895 ².
- The first commercial radio advertisement was broadcast in 1922 ².
- Radio waves travel at the speed of light ².
- Radio was the first mass medium ².
- Radio broadcasts have been used to inform people of disasters, war news, and other important events ².
- In America, over two hundred and seventy-two million people (6+) listen to the radio every week ¹.
- The most powerful radio station ever was WLW (station licensed to Cincinnati, Ohio) which broadcasted at 700KHz, and at some point, in the 1930s, the radio wave was 500Kw radiated power. Those in the vicinity of the transmitter could hear the audio in their pans, pots, and mattresses ¹.
- In the 1980s, people were able to download video games from a radio broadcast. They would record the sounds onto a cassette tape, and then they could play later on their computers ¹.

I hope you found these facts interesting!.

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